‎‘The House on the Dune’ appears in bookstores

Publish Date : Monday 19 August 2019 - 15:31
IBNA- ‘The House on the Dune’ (1932), the debut novel of French realist writer Maxence ‎Van Der Meersch (1907-1951) has been translated into Persian and published. ‎
According to IBNA correspondent, ‘The House on the Dune’ (French: La maison dans la dune) portrays the battle between smugglers and customs officials along the French-Belgian border has been translated by Nahid Sadeghi and released by Amir Kabir Publishing.
The novel has been turned into films on three occasions: ‘The House on the Dune’ (1934 film), a French film directed by Pierre Billon; ‘The House on the Dune’ (1952 film), a French film directed by Georges Lampin; ‘The House on the Dune’ (1988 film), a Belgian film directed by Michel Mees.  
Van Der Meersch is known in Iran for the translation of his other novel ‘La fille pauvre Tome II: Le Cœur Pur’ (The Poor Girl Book II: Pure in Heart, 1949). A lawyer by training, he in fact practiced this profession very little, preferring to devote himself to writing. His work, replete with a spirit of realism, is essentially concerned with the life of the people of the Nord, his native region.
In 1936 he was awarded the Prix Goncourt for ‘L'Empreinte du dieu’ (Hath Not the Potter). In 1943 he published ‘Corps et âmes’ (Bodies and Souls), which was awarded the grand prix de l'Académie française for that year. The novel was an international success — it was translated into 13 languages.
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