Patrick Modiano’s ‘Pedigree’ describes his turbulent childhood

Publish Date : Wednesday 14 August 2019 - 15:31
IBNA- ‘Pedigree’, the memoir of Nobel laureate French author Patrick Modiano which ‎describes his turbulent childhood has been translated into Persian and released.‎
According to IBNA correspondent, the book which has been translated under the title ‘I’m Patrick Modiano’ by Nazanin Arab, has been released by Negah Publishing in Tehran.
Nobel laureate Patrick Modiano has said that his many fictions are all variations of the same story. ‘Pedigree’, his memoir, is the theme. In this rare glimpse into his life, the author takes up his pen to tell his personal story.
He addresses his early years—shadowy times in postwar Paris that haunt his memory and have inspired his world-cherished body of fiction.
Modiano offers a memoir of his first twenty-one years. Termed one of his “finest books” by the Guardian, Pedigree is both a personal exploration and a luminous portrait of a world gone by.
‘Pedigree’ sheds light on the childhood and adolescence that Modiano explores in ‘Suspended Sentences’, ‘Dora Bruder’, and other novels.

In this work he re-creates the louche, unstable, colorful world of his parents under the German Occupation; his childhood in a household of circus performers and gangsters; and his formative friendship with the writer Raymond Queneau.
While acknowledging that memory is never assured, Modiano recalls with painful clarity the most haunting moments of his early life, such as the death of his ten-year-old brother.
 The book which is Modiano’s only memoir, is a gift to his readers and a master key to the themes that have inspired his writing life. ‘Pedigree’ or ‘I’m Patrick Modiano’ in Persian, has been published in 108 pages.
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