Iranian teens read ‘Tom Gates 12’ ‎

Publish Date : Tuesday 22 January 2019 - 17:39
IBNA- The 12th volume of ‘Tom Gates’ series by Liz Pichon ‎titled ‘Family, Friends and Furry ‎Creatures’ has been translated into Persian and released for Iranian teens.‎
According to IBNA correspondent, the book has been translated by Atousa Salehi and released by Ofoq Publishing in Tehran. The series of ‘Tom Gates’ combine texts and illustrations, and with their satirical realist comedy fiction, they are seen among the best books for young adults. Earlier, last year, the other Persian translation of this book by Behrang Rajabi was printed by Hupa Publishing.
In ‘Family, Friends and Furry Creatures’, we read that Tom has forgotten to bring his baby photo into school, his shoes are making embarrassingly rude noises, and, as he rushes to the classroom, he bumps into the snuffling Amber who sneezes all over him. What else can go wrong?

When Mr. Fullerman decides that Favorite Snacks isn't a suitable topic for Tom's school project, he has to think again.
Researching his new idea, “Family, Friends and Furry Creatures”, Tom discovers that his grandparents aren't really called the Wrinklies and the Fossils, that his Dad has a guilty secret about Uncle Kevin and a famous footballer, and that his parents ended up together thanks to a piece of cake!

‘Tom Gates 12: Family, Friends and Furry Creatures’ by Liz Pichon in Persian has been published in 264 pages and 1000 copies.
Story Code: 271119