Introducing book by German influential poet who visited Iran ‎

Publish Date : Thursday 17 January 2019 - 17:21
IBNA- ‘In Eternal Spring of Amnesia’, a poetry book by German influential poet Hans ‎Magnus Enzensberger has been translated into Persian by Ajdar Angoshtari and released ‎by Nahid publishing in Tehran. ‎
Hans Magnus Enzensberger
According to IBNA correspondent, Angoshtari believes that the ideas of Enzensberger at best are guidelines for developing countries which are coping with different social and literary crises.

He has widely traveled to various developing countries such as Cuba and Iran which has expanded his experience, world view and has been directly reflected in the subjects of some of his works.
Enzensberger who is also an author, translator and editor has a sarcastic, ironic tone in many of his poems. Many of his poems also feature themes of civil unrest over economic and class-based issues.

Though primarily a poet and essayist, he also makes excursions into theater, film, opera, radio drama, reportage, translation. He has written novels and several books for children (including The Number Devil, an exploration of mathematics) and is the co-author of a book for German as a foreign language.

In 2009, Enzensberger received a special Lifetime Recognition Award given by the trustees of the Griffin Trust for Excellence in Poetry which also awards the annual Griffin Poetry Prize.
‘In Eternal Spring of Amnesia’ in Persian has been published in 229 pages and 550 copies.    
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