A new Persian translation of ‘Disquiet’ by Livaneli released

Publish Date : Thursday 13 December 2018 - 16:21
IBNA- ‘Disquiet’, the latest novel by the outstanding Turkish writer and musician Ömer ‎Zülfü Livaneli has been translated into Persian for the fourth time and published.‎
According to IBNA correspondent, the new Persian translation of ‘Disquiet’ was carried out by Zainab Abdi Golzar and released by Mahi Publishing in Tehran.
Ömer Zülfü Livaneli is known for the novels that interweave diverse social and historical backgrounds, figures, and incidents, such as in ‘Bliss’ which won the Barnes & Noble's Discovery of Great New Writers Award in 2006.

 ‘Disquiet’ transports the reader to the contemporary Middle East with a love story set against the recent atrocities committed by The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) against the Yazidi (Izadi in Persian) people.

Both a meditation on the nature of being human and an empathetic, probing look at the past and present reality of these lands of the Mesopotamian heritage, ‘Disquiet’ is the groundbreaking first novel to tell of the experiences of the Yazidis fleeing ISIS to take refuge in Turkey.

Through the stories of Hussein from Mardin and the Yazidi girl, Meleknaz from Iraq, ‘Disquiet’ gives a voice to the peoples, faiths, histories, and stories that have swept through this region over centuries.
The books of Livaneli have been translated into 37 languages and won numerous Turkish and International literary awards. They were highly praised by prominent literary critics around the world. Livaneli’s novels have been turned into theatrical movies, stage plays, and operas.

The works, cultural and political activities of Livaneli and his contributions to world peace were recognized by UNESCO in 1995 when he was appointed Goodwill Ambassador to UNESCO—a post he still holds today. He served a term in the Turkish Parliament as well as in the Council of Europe.

Livaneli is also an accomplished musician who has composed some 300 songs. He also directed four feature films among them Iron Earth, Copper Sky (1987) is the most known.
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