‎‘Come Dance with Me in Ireland’ published in Persian

Publish Date : Wednesday 19 September 2018 - 19:05
IBNA- A collection of short stories by the prominent writers throughout the world ‎including James Joyce, Albert Camus, Leon Tolstoy and Alice Monroe has been translated ‎into Persian and released. ‎
According to IBNA correspondent, the collection which has been translated by Mahboubeh Mohajer features stories which are themed on social and economic problems and focus on the human approach to such problems.
The characters of these stories are almost faced with a Catch 22 as they should choose between humanity and material-economic interests.

For instance in ‘Forty-Five a Month’ by the Indian writer R.K. Narayan we read the story of a father who must choose between a small raise in his salary or spending time with his young daughter.

In ‘Come Dance with Me in Ireland’ by Shirley Jackson, some women who are not most hospitable toward a poor old man who is their guest, make themselves humiliated.

The most brilliant story in this collection is ‘The Guest’ (L'Hôte in French) by Albert Camus: One day, a police officer rides up to the school where Daru teaches. The officer is holding onto a rope, which is tied to an Arab man who has been arrested for killing another man in a grain dispute.

Daru is ordered to take the prisoner to police headquarters in Tinguit. The Arab prisoner asks Daru to join the resistance. Unwilling to join the Arab rebellion, Daru gives his new prisoner a choice to either turn himself in or flee to safety. The prisoner chooses prison.
‘Come Dance with Me in Ireland’ has been published in 128 pages and 700 copies by Farhang-e Javid Publishing in Tehran.
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