Eminent scholar Yarshater passes away

Publish Date : Monday 3 September 2018 - 19:03
IBNA- Ehsan Yarshater, an eminent Iranologist, historian, linguist and professor of ‎Columbia University passed away in California. He was 98. ‎
Ehsan Yarshater
According to IBNA correspondent, Ehsanollah Yarshater (Ph.D.) was the founder and director of The Center for Iranian Studies, and Hagop Kevorkian Professor Emeritus of Iranian Studies at Columbia University, as the first Persian full-time professor at a U.S. university since World War II.

His magnum opus is Encyclopædia Iranica, a project whose goal is to create a comprehensive and authoritative English language encyclopedia about the history, culture, and civilization of Iranian peoples from prehistory to modern times.
Yarshater was one of the 40 editors of the encyclopedia with articles by 300 authors from various academic institutions. He also edited the third volume of the Cambridge History of Iran, comprising the history of the Seleucid, the Parthians, and the Sassanians, and a volume entitled Persian Literature.

He was also an editor of a sixteen-volume series named History of Persian Literature. The scholar had won several International awards for scholarship, including a UNESCO award in 1959, and the Giorgio Levi Della Vida Medal for Achievement in Islamic Studies from UCLA in 1991.
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