‎‘King Flashypants’ in Persian to be unveiled

Publish Date : Sunday 19 August 2018 - 17:33
IBNA- The unveiling ceremony of two books from the series, ‘King Flashypants’ by Andy ‎Riley will be held in Tehran’s Book Garden on August 21.‎
According to IBNA correspondent, the two books ‘King Flashypants and the Evil Emperor’ (2017) and ‘King Flashypants and the Creature From Crong: Book2’ (2018) from the series will be unveiled at the ceremony. The event will also feature the signing celebration of the books and a performance of creative theater.

‘King Flashypants and the Evil Emperor’ is centered on the story of a boy called Edwin who isn't any ordinary boy. He is a king with a crown, his own suit of armor, a castle with secret passages and water slides and the most horribly evil man in the universe living next door!

In ‘King Flashypants and the Creature From Crong: Book2’ one reads: “Emperor Nurbison is permanently up to no good. He wants Edwin's kingdom for himself, so when the Edwinland piggy bank runs out of money, he seizes his opportunity.

Something is frightening the people of Crong―something with long, sharp teeth, seven eyes, and an appetite for goats. The monster's name is the Voolith, and it won't stop until it has gobbled up everything in its path! When news reaches Edwinland, King Edwin decides he must cross the wilderness and defeat the Voolith in single combat, even if he doesn't quite know what "single combat" means.”
Andy Riley is an acclaimed British author, cartoonist, and Emmy-winning screenwriter for TV and film. She has won several awards including Writers Guild of America Award for comedy series.
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