Adventures of ‘Judy Moody and Friends’ released in Persian

Publish Date : Tuesday 24 July 2018 - 19:27
IBNA- The five-volume children stories ‘Judy Moody and Friends’ by the American writer ‎Megan MacDonald has been translated into Persian by Mahboubeh Najafkhani and ‎released by Ofogh publishing in Tehran.‎
In an interview with IBNA, Najafkhani described the series: “The Stories have been penned by Megan MacDonald and illustrated by Erwin Madrid. Any story takes on an adventure of Judy with one of her friends.” The stories concern a third grade girl named Judy Moody (written for grades 2–4).

In the first volume from the series titled ‘Rocky Zang in The Amazing Mr. Magic’, Judy Moody’s friend Rocky is perfecting the tricks for his magic show when Judy offers to be his assistant. Rocky agrees, but it turns out that Judy — or Stella the Spectacular as she calls herself — is the most UN-spectacular assistant ever. When she gets ketchup all over the magic rabbit, the Amazing Mr. Magic has had enough!

‘Amy Namey in Ace Reporter’ is the second book from the series. Amy, one of the other friends of Judy is on the hunt for a good news story. But not a lot happens in the town of Frog Neck Lake. So what’s a budding reporter to do? Team up with Judy Moody! With Judy along to sniff out a story, anything can happen.  

In ‘Frank Pearl in The Awful Waffle Kerfuffle’ which is the third story from the series, we read: Frank is going to win a prize if it’s the last thing he does. Could an amazing yo-yo trick or Cookie the parrot land him a prize? Could a blue ribbon be his at the Great Third-Grade Breakfast Bash? With three shots at a prize and Judy Moody cheering him on (sort of?), there’s no way that Frank can miss out on a trophy this time.

Megan McDonald has written more than 50 picture books for younger children and continues to write. Her most recent work was the Julie Albright series of books for American Girl.
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