Philosophy researcher Moradi passes away

Publish Date : Wednesday 25 July 2018 - 17:53
IBNA- An Iranian researcher of philosophy, Mohammad-Ali Moradi died in Germany ‎where he studied and practiced philosophy.‎
Mohammad-Ali Moradi
According to IBNA correspondent, Moradi was also a political activist both before the Islamic Revolution and in the post-revolution era. In the early 1990s, he left the scene of politics and concentrated his works on philosophy.

Moradi received his education in Berlin University where he learned philosophy, sociology and Islamic studies. Moradi’s MA dissertation titled “The Concept of Concept in Critique of Pure Reason" on Immanuel Kant’s work. His Ph.D. thesis titled “Consciousness and Self-Consciousness within Early Fichte” on Johann Gottlieb Fichte.
He was a researcher and University instructor of philosophy whose expertise was “German Idealism” particularly in the ideas of Kant and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

In his last years, although did not officially taught in Iranian universities, Moradi established open workshops and provided scientific advisory for the students of humanities and social sciences.
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