‘On Plato's Symposium’ by Leo Straussto be reviewed

Publish Date : Saturday 7 July 2018 - 15:12
IBNA- The book ‘On Plato's Symposium’ translated into Persian by Iraj Azar-Afza will be ‎reviewed at a meeting in Tehran today.‎
According to IBNA correspondent, the meeting will be attended by the translator of the book who is also a philosophy researcher; Dariush Darvishi, a researcher of ancient languages and philosophy as well as Gholam-Reza Esfahani, researcher of literature and philosophy. The meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m.

‘On Plato's Symposium’  is the first major piece of unpublished work by Leo Strauss to appear in more than thirty years which offers the public the unprecedented experience of encountering this renowned scholar as his students did.

Given as a course in autumn 1959 under the title “Plato's Political Philosophy,” at the University of Chicago, these transcripts previously had circulated in samizdat fashion, passed down from one generation of students to the next. They show Strauss at his best, in his subtle and sometimes indirect style of analysis, which has attracted almost as much commentary as has the content of his thought.
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