Derrida’s last interview published as a book in Persian

Publish Date : Sunday 22 April 2018 - 20:04
IBNA- The book Jacques Derrida ‘I Live My Death in Writing’ which is published in Persian, features a long interview with the leading French philosopher conducted by Jean Birnbaum in ‘Le Monde’.
Jacques Derrida
According to IBNA correspondent, the book has been translated to Persian by Hossein Karbalaei Taher (Shahin) is the last interview held with the French philosopher two months before his death.

The work is supplemented by an introduction titled “Bearing the Absence: Jacques Derrida as Child” written by Birnbaum. The book also features a bibliography of Derrida compiled by Peter Krapp.         
Birnbaum writes: “Jacques’ Derrida: "I am at war with myself." At 74 years old, Jacques Derrida, world-renowned philosopher, pursues his intellectual journey with a singular intensity even as he confronts serious illness at his home in Ris-Orangis, a suburb of Paris.

Derrida was the intellectual descendant of Freud, Valery, Lacan and the Surrealists as much as the progeny of Kant, Marx, and Heidegger. The poetic-psychoanalytic-sexual-anarchico- Surrealist strain in his intellectual and linguistic inheritance strongly marks his most famous idea, deconstruction, which I understand as resting on the proposition that a text is possessed of an unconscious, and that it will reveal itself, in all its anxieties and neuroses and pathologies and denials and phantasms, if you analyze it - read it - carefully enough.
For Derrida language could have to be an open territory where traces of all manner of suppressed things could be released.

These psychoanalytic-Surrealist qualities were pronounced in Derrida's ideas and writing style, of course, but they were perhaps most vividly felt when he spoke, when he gave free reign to a chain of punning, rhyming, meandering and digressing, repetition, elision and cancellation, free association.

In this wide-ranging conversation, Derrida is occupied with matters of life and death, American geopolitical dominance, the definition and role of Europe, intellectual rigor and political resistance, globalization, injustice, marriage, and a dozen other unresolved matters; but perhaps above all, Derrida focuses on the question of "survival," both in the sense of physical survival and legacy.”

Persian translation of ‘I Live My Death in Writing’ is published by Aftabkaran Publishings in 80 pages with a print run of 1000 copies.
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