Acclaimed Iranian writer of children’s books publishes new work

Publish Date : Monday 12 March 2018 - 20:11
IBNA- On the occasion of the new Iranian year, ‘An Umbrella with White Butterflies’ a new collection of short stories by Farhad Hassanzadeh the acclaimed Iranian writer of books for children and young adults is published.
According to IBNA correspondent, the book is illustrated by Ghazaleh Bigdelou and released by Fatemi Publishing. ‘An Umbrella with White Butterflies’ Features three separate stories which are finally connected to one another and the characters try to resolve the problems of their counterparts in other stories.
‘An Umbrella with White Butterflies’ is published in 32 pages With a print run of 2000 copies by Fatemi Publishing in Tehran.
A prolific writer, Hassanzadeh was nominated by The Children’s Book Council of Iran for Hans Christian Andersen Award. He will compete with writers from France, Japan, Switzerland and New Zealand and the winner will be named in Bologna International Book Festival 2018.

He was nominated by the Council for “his life achievement in the field of writing for children and young adults. Hans Christian Andersen Award is granted every other year by International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY).

 Among his works are: ‘Love and Mirror’, ‘The Moonlight Guest’, ‘An Umbrella with White Butterflies’, ‘This Weblog Will Be Transferred', 'The Backyard', and 'Kooti Kooti Watch out You Don’t Catch a Cold – The Kooti Kooti Tales'.
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