Farabi Fest becomes a scientific authority

Publish Date : Saturday 10 March 2018 - 17:11
IBNA- Head of the Secretariat of the 12th Farabi International Festival said this event has become a scientific authority and its upcoming edition will offer the Special Award of Ethics and Interdisciplinary Studies.
Hossein Mirzaei
According to IBNA correspondent, head of the Secretariat of the 10th Farabi International Festival Hossein Mirzaei said that this event has attracted the attention of many scientific centers and we are hearing from several institutes who have expressed their concern for the acceptance of their Works in our scientific festival.

“When the 9th edition of Farabi International Festival came to an end, the bests of the event were introduced to Iran’s Elites National Foundation to be supported by research grants,” he said.

“Before the call for the 10th Farabi International Festival issued, a policy-making session was held with the Minister of Sciences Research and Technology, Cultural and social Deputy of the Sciences Ministry as well as the representatives of Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) and UNESCO in attendance. As a result, two sections were added to the earlier twelve sections of Farabi Festival,” Mirzaei stated.

“The two sections “Philosophy, Dialectal Theology, Ethics, Religions and Mysticism” as well as “Islamic Jurisprudence, Basic Principles of Jurisprudence, Quranic Sciences and Hadith” comprise the majority of works.”

“Furthermore, these groups feature more variety. On this basis, and in order to facilitate the work of jury panels, these two sections are divided into four sections: “Philosophy, Logics and Dialectal Theology”, “Ethics, Religions and Mysticism”, “Islamic Jurisprudence and Basic Principles of Jurisprudence” as well as “Quranic Sciences, Interpretation and Hadith”. Head of the Secretariat of the 12th Farabi International Festival added.

He further announced: “In this edition of the festival, we also accept the books and treatises in the format of digital fine is to pave the way for the participation of more walks in different fields of study.”  
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