Iranian expert to review ‘Aura’ by Fuentes

Publish Date : Sunday 25 February 2018 - 17:41
IBNA- The novel ‘Aura’ by the celebrated Mexican novelist and essayist Carlos Fuentes will be reviewed by Iranian expert and University professor Amir Hossein Nojoumian today.
According to IBNA correspondent, this event is scheduled to be held at Andisheh cultural house in Tehran where Nojoumian (PhD) will deliver a lecture and a review the notable work of the late Carlos Fuentes.

Felipe Montero, the protagonist of ‘Aura’ is employed in the house of an aged widow to edit her deceased husband's memoirs where he meets her beautiful green-eyed niece, Aura and becomes infatuated with her. Meanwhile, Felipe’s gradual discovery of the true relationship between the young woman and her aunt propel the story to its extraordinary conclusion.

‘Aura’ is considered as a fantastic literature for its remarkable description of “dreamlike” themes and the complexion of “double identity” portrayed by the character. Its narrative is completely carried out in second person.
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