Persian translation of Heinrich Mann’s masterwork republished

Publish Date : Tuesday 26 December 2017 - 21:06
IBNA- The novel, ‘Blue Angel’, a masterwork by the celebrated German writer of social works Heinrich Mann translated by Mahmoud Haddadi to Persian was republished by Parseh Publishing in Tehran.
Heinrich Mann
According to IBNA correspondent, the second edition of this work which like other novels by the writer has strong themes of social critique is released by Parse publishing in Tehran. Heinrich Mann was the elder brother of Thomas Mann. Despite the fact that his family was from the north Germany aristocrats, Heinrich was a staunch supporter of republicanism as well as socialism and a determined critic of fascism.
In the early 20th century, his work evolved to maturity and he became one of the leading figures of German literature. But with Hitler and the Nazis coming to power, Heinrich Mann had to leave the country. Spending some years respectively in France, Spain, Portugal, he finally immigrated to the United States.
In his preface to the book, the Persian translator Hadaddi writes: “The two early major works by Heinrich Mann are ‘Blue Angel’ (1905) [with the original name ‘Professor Unrat’] and 'The Loyal Subject' (1918) [with the original name 'Der Untertan’], satirically and allegorically reflect the upside down social relations of Germany of his time. These works explore the underneath of the society and the depth of ideas and culture of slogan stricken masses who by showing sympathy to their lunatic rulers, push their country to the abyss of two disastrous world wars.”
In ‘Blue Angel’ Mann caricatures the middle and upper-class educational system of Wilhelmine Germany and the double standards of the title character, a 57-year-old widowed school teacher who falls for a cabaret dancer and in the process is humiliated and his reputation is ruined. The novel was adapted into a masterpiece film with the same name directed by Josef von Sternberg in 1930.
The Persian translation of ‘Blue Angel’ is republished in 264 pages by Parseh Publishing.

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