Iranian writer’s collection of Persian-English stories released

Publish Date : Tuesday 21 November 2017 - 22:42
IBNA– A new collection of stories written by the Iranian writer Farkhondeh Hajizadeh is published in both Persian and English languages by Vistar Publishing in Tehran.
According to IBNA correspondent, the collection published by Vistar Publishing has a cover illustrated by Peyman Soltani. The translator of these stories, which is titled ‘The Other One’ is Pariya Latifikhah, and the work was overseen by Mohammad Mahdi Khorrami.
The Introduction of this collection of stories reads: “Hajizadeh forms a new experience of theme, narration and the accurate usage of the language of symbols through her stories.”
She portrays the pitiful relationship between people through expressing their injured feelings in a mechanical world, by eliminating their names or identity and at times gender as if the writer has withdrawn herself from the scene to allow the text trigger multiple and different concepts in the minds of the readers.
Hajizadeh, who cleverly takes advantage from a hidden satire in the stories of this collection, highlights the objects and the narrative symbols in a closed circle of human emotions with no parallel in the free world. She wants to imply that lovers lose identity to make a new meaning with the identity of love.”
Story Code: 254574