Iranian researcher's book unveiled in Portugal

Publish Date : Thursday 9 November 2017 - 23:01
IBNA– ‘The Paremiologic Influence of the Persian Language on the Urdu Language’, the latest book by Iranian linguist Ali-Akbar Abedin Kasgari was unveiled on Wednesday in Vila Gale Hotel, Tavira, Portugal.
According to IBNA correspondent, referring to his recent work, the Iranian linguist said: “As the title suggests, this book focuses on the history of Urdu language grounds and the influence of Persian language on the structure of the Urdu language at the time of the Ghaznavids.”
“‘The Paremiologic Influence of the Persian Language on the Urdu Language’ was written in English and published by the Amazon Publishing. It is concluded by introducing 100 proverbs in the Urdu language which are used exactly in Persian,” he said.
He stated that this kind of book is known as a paramyological research in the world and the organizer of the related ceremony is the IPA Association. They believe that proverbs are a part of the culture of a nation, and so it is important for them to organize these programs and introduce such works to the world.
On the usages of this work, the researcher added: “These books serve as good references for the researchers. On the other hand, the scholar must establish a cultural connection with the target language in order to learn it, and this cultural connection is accomplished through the learning of the proverbs of that language.”
Referring to his activities in recent years, Abedin Kasgari said: "I have been working on adapting Persian proverbs with English, Swedish, Portuguese and Danish in these years, each published in two volumes of 2000 pages. The foreign publisher of these books is Amazon and its Iranian one is Degar-Andishan Publications.
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