Poem corresponds to Trump’s travel ban order

Publish Date : Thursday 2 November 2017 - 17:52
IBNA- In a review, Sarah Coolidge, the critic of catranslation.org extolled a poem composed “Lidless Coffins with No Bodies” by Iranian poet Behzad Zarrinpour, which corresponds to U.S. President Donald Trump’s travel ban order.
According to IBNA correspondent, Sarah Coolidge writes: “Composed by Iranian avant-garde poet Behzad Zarrinpour and beautifully translated from Persian by Sholeh Wolpé, “Lidless Coffins with No Bodies” mingles violence and daily life relentlessly as it sways between images of schoolyard games to bodies swept away by the Caroun river [in Khoramashahr].
The poet writes:
Boys a bit older than us
pick up guns and birdbrained ideas
and march to the borders of rain and lunacy
to reclaim our lost sleep and vanished colors;
and after a few bullets are buried
amidst a few broken verses.
And we who didn’t have the opportunity
to lose our rhyme, instead, compose
shroud-white elegies.
The poem is a powerful testament to exile and violence, but also to humanity. And in light of the ongoing debate over the executive order barring the entrance of people from majority Muslim countries—including Iran—to the U.S., this poem takes on a new layer of meaning and sense of urgency.
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