‘Nantas’ by Émile Zola published in Persian

Publish Date : Tuesday 31 October 2017 - 22:12
IBNA- The novel ‘Nantas’ written by the celebrated French naturalist author Émile Zola was translated into Persian and published by Ofoq publishing house in Tehran.
Émile Zola
According to IBNA correspondent, translated by Mahmoud Goudarzi, the book is from the series of 5 mm masterpieces released by the publisher.
In this work, Zola concisely portrays the ambitions and efforts of a young poor man from a French town for achieving wealth and happiness in the Parisian aristocrat milieu.  
Part of the book reads: “The story of Nantas is short. He was the son of a mason from Marseilles, he had begun his studies in the high school of the city, motivated by the ambitious tenderness of his mother, who dreamed of making him a gentleman. The parents had made a lot of efforts to take him to the baccalaureate. Then, when his mother died, Nantas was obliged to accept a small job with a merchant, where he spent monotonous life for twelve years which frustrated him. He fled twenty times. Later, his father fell from a scaffolding and became disabled. Now he had to meet all needs. But one evening, on his return, he found the mason dead, his pipe still hot beside him. Three days later, he sold the four the household, and left for Paris, with two hundred francs in his pocket…”
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