Belgrade Book Fair unveils Iranian writer’s book

Publish Date : Sunday 29 October 2017 - 21:05
IBNA– The 62nd Belgrade International Book Fair unveiled a fiction book by Iranian writer Mohammad Reza Bayrami titled ‘Sabalan Tales’ which is translated into Serbian.
According to IBNA correspondent, Bayrami, who has attended the Belgrade book event participated in a storytelling session a few days ago, accompanied by Mohammad Keshavarz, and told a story for the Serbian audience. He was also interviewed by ‘Politika’ Newspaper of Serbia in the meeting.
In a part of his speech at the storytelling program, Bayrami said: “Following some years after the collapse of the former Soviet Union, the literature of the Eastern Europe, especially the literature of defence and war, seems more like a nostalgic sense which can both be remembered with regret due to its humanitarian and idealistic aspects that no longer exist much, and anger because of the great deceit in its nature.
“Why it was set forth in the first place is that something was advocated to excite us without any originality. It was like we were only creeping in the wind. All values like seeking justice, equality, kindness, unselfish service to the people, etc., that were highlighted in these works are now fading in a sense and look like lies and deceit. It now seems like the world is conquered by wickedness and Capitalism is always right despite the jarring of ideologies,” he added.
‘Wasteland’, the other novel by Bayrami’s has already won Iran’s Book of the Year Award 2016 and was also selected in the novel and story competition section of Jalal Al-e Ahmad Prize held in Tehran.
‘Sabalan Tales’, which is recently released in Serbian, has also received the Golden Bear Award and the Swiss Year Book Award.
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