Writer Darvishian will be laid to rest Monday

Publish Date : Sunday 29 October 2017 - 10:53
IBNA- Eminent Iranian fiction writer and scholar Ali Ashraf Darvishian who passed away on Thursday will be laid to rest in Kamalshahr town on Monday.
Ali Ashraf Darvishian
According to IBNA correspondent, a social realist writer with extensive research on popular literature especially on his Kurdish ethnicity, Darvishian who was ill during the past years, died at the age of 76 at his home in the city of Karaj near Tehran.
Due to his work as a writer and activist seeking social justice, Darvishian was imprisoned before the Iranian revolution and his books were banned. His experiences as a teacher in the poverty-stricken Kurdish villages of Iran who witnessed the pains and sufferings of people were reflected in his stories. Some of them were published under the pseudonym Latif Talkhestani.
Darvishian was as a guest of the Iranian Centre for Democracy and made lectures on a variety of social and cultural subjects in Australia in 2006. To writer received the award of Gelawej Cultural Festival 2013 in Kurdistan, Iraq for his achievements in literature and struggle for social justice.
His notable works are as follows:
‘Abshooran (Story collection)’; ‘Salhay-e-Abri’ (Cloudy Years), novel; ‘Hamrah-e Ahang-ha-ye Babam’ (With My Father's Songs); ‘Az In Welayat’ (From This Country); ‘Farhang-e-Afsanehay-e Irani’ (Iranian Legends and Fairy Tales Encyclopedia); ‘Afsane-ha va Matal-ha-ye Kurdi’ (Kurdish Legends and Fictions).
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