Play describes Decembrists’ revolt against Czar

Publish Date : Tuesday 5 September 2017 - 23:07
IBNA– The play ‘Decembrists’ by Léanid Zorin describes Decembrists’ revolt against Czar released by Mahi Publications in Persian.
According to IBNA correspondent, in the introduction of the book which was translated by Abtin Golkar into Persian, the publisher introduces the work with these words: “This work is a historical account of the first intellectual uprising of the Russian nation against the Czarist tyranny.”
In December 1825, the Decembrists revolted against the Russian Czarist government and were soon suppressed. This event has had a massive impact on the growth of the political and social awareness of Russian citizens. The play ‘Decembrists’ is considered one of the first examples of Russian documentary theater.
Fifty years after the October Revolution of 1917, in 1967, and at the time of the celebration of the victory of this event, writer of the play Léanid Zorin in a citation of the historical sources and narratives of the event, made this explanation: “In this play, Léanid Zorin narrates the concern of the educated and patriotic movements against the Czarist tyranny."
Using sources and oral narratives and interrogation documents and testimonies of the protestors, as well as historical books and the memoirs of people, newspapers and magazines, the author reports the formation of the Decembrists and their uprising and the result of their actions.
In the first preview of the show, preparing for the uprising and disagreement between the leaders and the like are narrated. According to the translator's explanation in the introduction to the work, the type of narrative is close to the theatrical views of Bertolt Brecht.
In this narrative, the playwright’s purpose, rather than restoring history and giving historical information to the audience, is to persuade the audience to think about the events on the stage and to observe the positions and ideas of the characters.
‘The Decembrists’ play is the sixth edition of the ‘Theater and History’ Collection of Mahi Publications. This collection of plays covers the story of a historical event.
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