Orf Orchestra plays to support children literature

Publish Date : Friday 1 September 2017 - 22:07
IBNA- The Orf Orchestra in Tehran conducted by Massoud Nazar will play to commemorate Turan Mirhadi, the late grandmother of Iranian Children’s Literature and support children books.
According to IBNA correspondent, this event is also attended by Simin Qadiri to support ‘Children and Young Adult’s Dictionary’, on Sunday and Monday, September 10 and 11. The dictionary is the only one of the kind that looks at the world through an Iranian historical and cultural background and uses all the achievements of knowledge, culture and the global art to be presented to students and researchers in a simple language.
Turan Mirhadi’s greatest desire was the creation of a full-featured dictionary for children and young adults, and it is unfortunate to say that her wish did not completely realize in her life time. On the other hand, publishing the other volumes of this dictionary requires financial support and cooperation.
In this regard, the orchestra will play to pave the way for the development of the children's and youth’s journals, and all proceeds from this performance will be spent on the publication of this dictionary.
Sayyedeh Turan Mirhadi (Khormarlu) was born in 1927 in Shemiran and died in Tehran on Nov. 9, 2016. She was one of the founders of the Children's Book Council, a professor of children's literature, an author and expert in education and a prominent cultural figure who managed the editing of the children's and young adult’s dictionary since 1979.
Several books have been published by this writer and researcher on children’s and adolescent’s literature: ‘The One Who Went, and the One Who Came’, ‘Searching for Ways and Methods of Education,’ ‘Two Dialogues: the School Library and Its Role in Creating Habits of Studying’ are among the writings of this author. Also, ‘Children's and Youth’s Dictionary" was drafted under the supervision of Turan Mirhadi and Iraj Jahanshahi.
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