Media censorship and ban practiced under Ahmadinejad

Publish Date : Sunday 20 August 2017 - 18:52
IBNA– The Persian book, ‘Ahmadinejad’s Political Personality Review’ explores ‎the political character of former Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ‎during his term as the media were pressured by censorship and ban. ‎
According to IBNA correspondent, measures taken by Ahmadinejad in politics and culture, in particular, were so troublesome and put a heavy burden on the shoulder of the Iranian society.
The book ‘Ahmadinejad’s Political Personality Review’ by Ma’soumeh Dehqani is one of the works in which the author attempts to characterize Ahmadinejad’s actions in different fields of politics, culture, society and economics. The approach of this research is based on political psychology with the aim of analysis of the political behavior of individuals within the framework of various theories.
The cultural area was one of those, which was greatly hurt by his approach where the slightest critique, satire and caricature could lead to the closure of newspapers, publications, and more. The kind of speeches, actions and behaviors of the President of the 9th and 10th Islamic Republic’s administrations were too aggressive toward media as became hot subjects of discussion for the press and some books at that time.
 Hostility against newspapers and bans put on the press was a frequent measure adopted by Ahmadinejad’s government, with the reformist newspapers having the largest share of damages.
The clash with the media in every situation led to the reaction of the elite and the journalists and was broadly reflected. One of these reactions was in connection with the closing of ‘Titre’ café, in March 2005, which was a hub of the artists and the journalists and was closed by the police in less than ten months following its opening.
Therefore, protest against the removal of the press and media critical of Ahmadinejad was usual particularly after 2009 which led to the suppression of the intellectual milieu in the society.
There was no end to these weird moves in the field of Iranian culture, and the elimination of a part of Iran’s history was one of the bizarre actions taken at that time which triggered the protest of history experts: “In September 2009, the government announced the removal of kingdoms from the history books of Iran.”
The book ‘Ahmadinejad’s Political Personality Review’ is published in 194 pages, with a print run of one thousand copies.
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