Stalin’s nose story translated into Persian ‎

Publish Date : Tuesday 8 August 2017 - 19:55
IBNA– Iranian translator of children’s books, Nasrin Vakili, said she had ‎translated the books ‘Breaking Stalin's Nose’ and ‘Mouse’ series which will soon ‎be released.‎
Nasrin Vakili ‎
In an interview with IBNA, Nasrin Vakili said: “I finished the work on a three-volume collection of illustrated books titled ‘Mouse Goes to School’, ‘Library Mouse: Home Sweet Home’, ‘Mouse Seeks Fitness’ and to this publisher and hope it will be released by the end of this year.”
She continued: “I have also delivered a teenage novel ‘Breaking Stalin's Nose’ to the same publisher. This novel talks about the social conditions under Stalin rule and is the story of a boy whose father works in a government organization and is loyal to Stalin. At the end, the boy finds out what his father’s job was.”
Vakili also announced the completion of the translation of ‘Sleep Like a Tiger’ and said: “I’ve also handed this book to Elmi-o Farhangi Publications in Tehran.”
Nasrin Vakili is the translator of children and young adults’ books. She was born in Tehran in 1944, and studied psychology. She has translated more than 150 books for Iranian children and young adults.
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