The collection ‘Shahnameh for Children’ published in Russian‎

Publish Date : Monday 10 July 2017 - 19:46
IBNA– Author of the collection ‘Shahnameh for Children’ announced the ‎release of 10 volumes of this series in Russian saying that it was selected as the ‎Russian Book of the Year in the field of children.‎
Mohammad Reza Yusefi
According to IBNA correspondent, veteran author and researcher of the literature of children and young adults Mohammad Reza Yusefi said that his collection ‘Shahnameh for Children’ gave news about the translation and publication of 10 volumes of this collection into Russian.
Yusefi explained that 50 volumes of the series ‘Shahnameh for Children’ has been published by Khaneh ye Adabiat Publications until now and the other volumes will also be published gradually.
The author referred to the translation of 10 volumes of works of Shahnameh for children in Russian, and said: “Of the 50 volumes published from the collection ‘Shahnameh for Children’, 10 volumes have been selected and translated into Russian by Ms. Lahouti and published in Russia through an active Iranian publisher called Sadra in Russia. These books have recently been selected as the book of the Year of Russia in the field of children.”
He further stated about the translation of this collection into other languages: “The House of Literature intends to translate this collection into other languages as well, including Hungarian, through some plans.”
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