We should strive for Quranic dialogue development

Publish Date : Sunday 18 June 2017 - 21:18
IBNA- In the closing ceremony of Quran Exhibition, Iran’s Culture Minister said that all activists and people should strive for developing the Quranic culture and dialogue.
Sayyed Reza Salehi Amiri
According to IBNA correspondent, the closing ceremony of the 25th International Quran Exhibition was held on Friday with the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Sayyed Reza Salehi Amiri (PhD), the officials of the Exhibition and a group of the members of the Parliament (Majlis).
In this ceremony, Salehi Amiri referred to the ways for the development of the country through the Quran and said: “we should all come to the firm belief that the only way to save the country from the existing challenges is through the Quranic dialogue.”
“All cultural and religious institutions and seminaries, as well as the people should help to develop the Quranic culture. The road to the country’s development is through the Quran,” he stated.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Culture Minister said: “Should we seek a civil society directed toward religion and morality, we should benefit from the gracious Quran and the progeny.  Quran is an ocean from which all can drink and is the only way to pass through the regional crises and lies. It is the light in which we can get away from darkness.”
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