Veteran writer Dowlatabadi addresses President Rouhani

Publish Date : Friday 2 June 2017 - 22:35
IBNA- At a meeting titled “Requests from President Hassan Rouhani”, leading Iranian writer Mahmoud Dowlatabadi addressed the newly reinstated President in a video message.
Mahmoud Dowlatabadi
According to IBNA correspondent, the meeting was held on Tuesday by Rouyesh Islamic Association of the Students at Iran University of Science and Technology (Elm-o San`at University) in Tehran.

In part of his remarks, Dowlatabadi says:
Dear Esteemed President, Dr. Hassan Rouhani;
I, Mahmoud Dowlatabadi, voted for you; Furthermore, I announced it publicly before the elections that I’d vote for you, lest I’d change my view later on.
I will not directly participate in the meeting titled “Requests from President Hassan Rouhani” at this university, as I am not used to asking anything from anybody.
You and the prevailing political state are familiar with my views as well as my sufferings and patience. It is known that I am always thinking about the interests of this country and the nation. I am still waiting for the law to be recognized and implemented. And it is with this belief that more than twenty years have passed during which I have written and talked about the necessity of balance.

What I’ve written and talked about is the outcome of my experimental-educational views. I once explicitly wrote that it is nice for our political leaders and officials to read ‘Golestan’ by Sa`di as he is blessed as a measure of the average Iranian character. Now that we witness the principle of moderation in you, I should not hide my pleasure. Also, I do not forget what the political system of which you’ve always been a prominent and resourceful member has done to the likes of me for the fault of thinking and writing!
Wishing you every success,
Mahmoud Dowlatabadi
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