Persian book studies Cultural potentials of Malaysian, Indonesian women

Publish Date : Tuesday 23 May 2017 - 20:45
IBNA– The book 'Iran and Cultural Potentials of Muslim Women in Malaysia and Indonesia’, by Iranian author Soghra Salehi is published by the Institute for Culture, Art and Communications.
According to IBNA correspondent, research on the women in Malaysia, Indonesia and other Muslim countries is important for the Islamic Republic of Iran to use the opportunity to achieve its cultural goals and policies and provide for the national and international interests in the Islamic world.
This book also studies of general diplomacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its features and the strategies for efficient use of the Islamic Republic of Iran's cultural opportunities and capacities of women in the Muslim world.
On page 21 of the book on the religious beliefs of Muslim women in Malaysia, we read: “Malaysian women’s religious beliefs are among the important cultural characteristics of this country, as a part of ceremonies and religious rituals, teaching religious books, taking part in national and religious celebrations, mourning ceremonies as well as the attempt to bring unity and solidarity between the existing religions of the country are carried out by women.”
This book is published in 205 pages with a print run of 50 copies by the publications of the Institute for Culture, Art and Communications.
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