TIBF bridges Iran and Francophone world

Publish Date : Saturday 13 May 2017 - 23:02
IBNA– Deputy Director of Tehran International Book Fair said that the fair connects the Iranian publishing industry with those of the Francophone world.
Amir Mas’oud Shahram-Nia
According to IBNA correspondent, in a meeting on the French language publishing policies in the world’, Deputy of the 30th Tehran International Book Fair Amir Mas’oud Shahram-Nia pointed to the cultural and book fair relations between Iran and France and their mutual participation in the book fairs of both countries.
“Iran has continued to attend the Paris Book Fair for six years as it is important to us from different aspects. It not only provides a good relation between the publishing industries of both countries, it also serves as a bridge between the Iranian publishing industry and the French speaking world that extends beyond the geographic location of France,” he said.

Referring briefly to the history of relations between the two countries and their activities in book fairs, Shahram-Nia said: “We have been participating at the Paris Book Fair for six years now according to an agreement.”
“Of course, our presence in the first year at this cultural and economic event was very limited, but we showed a strong presence in this event in March, last year, to the extent that 8 Iranian universities participated in this international event supported by the Ministry of Science, and we were also there on the sidelines of the event for Norouz when the French President visited the Iranian stand and we met with the Minister of Culture of that country,” he stated.
He also added that in the past two years, two different groups, as representative of publishers, traveled to the two countries and exchanged their experiences and technical knowledge; and that today, we are the host of France as our guest country and Paris as the guest city at the 30th Tehran International Book Fair. Cultural MOUs between the two countries can lead to more interactions as well.
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