Joining international conventions prevents book smuggling: Culture Minister

Publish Date : Monday 26 September 2016 - 23:55
IBNA- On the sidelines of ceremonies which commemorate the Sacred Defense Week, Culture Minister said that Joining the international conventions protecting the intellectual property is the only way to prevent the smuggling of books.”
According to IBNA correspondent, on the sidelines of the ceremonies to celebrate the Sacred Defense Week which was held today, September 26, by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Culture Minister Ali Jannati responded to our question about dealing seriously with trafficking offenders in the field of books and said: “This is a difficult task, as today books are put in the cyberspace and can be easily downloaded and used. So, it rarely happens that a book is sold in bookstores in the form of payments.”
 “We should join the international conventions for the protection of intellectual property so that this action can be avoided abroad. However, we cannot seriously cope with this problem until then. If this is a local site, we can naturally confront it, but such illegal actions usually are taken in the sites which are based out of the country and so it makes it difficult to deal with them,” he added.
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