Foundations of cultural works globalization studied in a book

Publish Date : Friday 5 August 2016 - 22:52
IBNA- The book ‘Globalization of Perceptible Cultural Heritage’ by Abdollah Nasrollahi studies the foundations of cultural works globalization and the reasons for the importance of this issue.
According to IBNA correspondent, ‘Globalization of Perceptible Cultural Heritage’ written by Abdollah Nasrollahi Peidayi, is prepared in two general chapters titled “Development of Thoughts Supporting the Cultural and Natural Heritage of the World” and “Iranian Works Registered in the List of World Cultural Heritage”.
The first chapter of the book which considers the development of ideas supporting the Natural heritage of the world, on which basis the concepts and terminology in this field is studied. In addition to the review, influential organizations in the field of international protection have also been introduced.
Themes of shaping the Convention for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, as well as a full review of the convention is given later in this chapter.
The first discourse of the first chapter of the book explains and defines the most frequent and needed basic terminology of the book and briefly continues with the introduction of some global institutions and organizations related to the subject of protection and repair in different themes.
The second speech of this chapter focuses on influential events in the development of international and public attention to cultural and natural heritage as a shared heritage of mankind.
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