‘Epistemological Crises’ offers a deeper understanding of world

Publish Date : Saturday 30 July 2016 - 23:45
IBNA- The book ‘Epistemological Crises, Dramatic Narrative, and the Philosophy of Science’ by the Scottish Philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre offers a better and deeper understanding of world according to its Persian translator Seyyed Alireza Beheshti (PhD).
According to IBNA correspondent, the Persian translation of this book has been recently published by Nahid Publications in Tehran. ‘Epistemological Crises, Dramatic Narrative, and the Philosophy of Science’ includes chapters suh as: Epistemological crises, dramatic narrative, and the philosophy of science; Colors, cultures, and practices; Moral relativism, truth, and justification; Hegel on faces and skulls; What is a human body? Moral philosophy and contemporary social practice: what holds them apart? and etc.
As a philosopher MacIntyre is primarily known for his contribution to moral and political philosophy but also known for his work in history of philosophy and theology.
In a part of his introduction to the book about reasons for the translation of this work, Beheshti writes: "Years ago, as I was engaged in reading and note taking for completing my PhD thesis, I began to further explore the views of Alasdair MacIntyre about cultural diversity.
I came across one of the articles of this prominent and influential philosopher which made me read it immediately, and I pondered about his theory of narrative and epistemological crises. Then I felt that I have achieved a means for analysis which enabled me to make a more coherent understanding and begin a more profound discussion about the history of intellectual developments in my country, Iran.”    
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