Cinema able to reconcile people with bookstores

Publish Date : Monday 25 July 2016 - 23:57
IBNA- CEO of Iran’s Book House Institute Majid Gholami Jaliseh said that encouraging booksellers across the country and bringing people closer to bookstores are our most important incentives to support the works of cinema.
Majid Gholami Jaliseh and Afshin Davarpanah
According to IBNA correspondent, director of books and cinema section of Iran’s Young Cinema Society Seyyed Javad Mir-Hashemi and a number of other active members of this society, met Jaliseh on Monday, July 25, 2016.
This meeting which was attended by Deputy of Cultural Research at the Book House Institute Afshin Davarpanah and Director of the Public Relations department of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance Seyyed Mohammad Tabatabai was held at the Book House Institute, and the participants discussed the quality of films with a focus on supporting the provincial bookstores and providing a history of the veteran booksellers throughout the country.
During this event, Jalisseh stressed on the need to use different capacities in the field of books and said: “Since the beginning of my work at this institute, I’ve always believed that we could use the various existing capacities to promote books and reading, and while expressing the problems, remove the concerns and challenges in this area and find ways to fix them.”
Referring to the signing of a cultural cooperation memorandum between the Book House Institute and the Young Cinema Society, Jaliseh added: “One of the notable things that we have contained in this memorandum is to support the production of films with the theme of bookshop. One of the key issues in book industry which had been neglected is the issue of bookstores. As a matter of fact, bookstores are the main base for promoting books and reading in the cities, as bookstores had been established in many of our cities before libraries were bulit there.”
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