Thirty-ninth edition of ‘Ali, on Ali’ released

Publish Date : Saturday 23 April 2016 - 12:48
IBNA- The Thirty-ninth edition of ‘The Life of Imam Ali’ (Ali on by Ali)’ by Ja’far Shahidi on the life of the first Shi’ite Imam (AS) was released by the office of the Islamic Culture Publication.
According to IBNA correspondent, in the introduction of the book, the author writes: “It has been months and even years that I wanted to pick the pen and write a few pages about the life of Imam Ali (AS). Every time I prepared myself, I heard an inner voice saying: “Take it calm! How daring you are! You want to show off with the little you afford in this vast field? Stop and don’t enter the realm of the Phoenix.”
Apologetically, I’d put the pen away, but before long, the passion would come back and drive me unwillingly. It incited me to learn from the ant and the grasshopper’s leg in the presence of the Solomon. Finally, I told myself: “It’s true that I can’t engage in such work, but look at who you want to talk about. The one who assisted the poor and befriended the helpless. Pray to God for assistance!”
In a part of the book we read: “A Muslim is the one who doesn’t hurt other fellow Muslims, unless to set right a wrong. Surely people are before your eyes and death is calling you. You’re responsible for God’s lands and his creation and even for livestock. Appreciate the good and turn back from the bad.”
The book is now on the market in 221 pages at 90,000 Rls.
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