Book the only commodity creating cultural stability

Publish Date : Sunday 6 December 2015 - 23:50
IBNA- Deputy Culture Minister Seyyed Abbas Salehi spoke on the efforts of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance to set up subsidiaries to handle legal issues related to books and publication.
According to IBNA correspondent, Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance attended Tous Bookstore in Tehran on Saturday, December 5, 2015, as a part of his weekly book tour and said: “Holidays and not doing much in bookstores is no good news. For this reason, we started the book tour aiming at bringing the cultural centers into attention.”
“On the other hand, since bookstores have more experience than other centers in publishing, we take them as locales for gatherings of the publishers and cultural discourse,” Salehi stated.
He added that these activities make us listen to suggestions, comments and criticisms raised by booksellers and directly relate to them and find solutions to their problems in due time.
In response to journalists’ questions about publishing situation in the country, Deputy Culture Minister said: “Country’s publishing sector has had both its advantages and bad advantages. In the field of publishing, especially in the past few decades, we have had good producers.”
“Fortunately, the issues of gender and ethnicity have made good progress in this area, but the dark side of publication in the country is the lack or shortage of books in the household basket of goods. This is an unpleasant fact for our country with its 2500 years of civilization,” he pointed out.
Stressing that nothing can fill the place of books, Salehi said: “No nation can get anywhere without books. Book is a coherent thought in itself and is the only commodity that makes cultural sustainability.”
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