“What to read” is a key concern: Jaliseh

Publish Date : Saturday 19 September 2015 - 15:32
IBNA- At the closing ceremony of Reading Summer School, CEO of Iran’s Book House Majid Gholami Jaliseh said: “Large numbers of books are annually published in the country, but we do not know what to read to begin with.”
According to IBNA correspondent, the closing ceremony of Reading Summer School was held Wednesday night, September 16, 2015, in Mashhad in the presence of cultural authorities, public libraries’ representatives and the librarians participating in the event.
In this meeting, Majid Gholami Jalisseh, CEO of Iran’s Book House Institute, appreciated the efforts of officials in charge of the public libraries of the country for organizing the training course and said: “Everybody needs such trainings and I hope the Reading Summer School continues for autumn and winter schools as well.”
Pointing out that ‘What to read’ is a very important concern for the country’s cultural activists, he explained: “A great number of books are published in the country every year on various topics, but we do not know what to read in the first step.”
Elsewhere in his remarks, Jaliseh said: “Even librarians might not know which books are important to be offered to the audience. This is while cataloging and introducing valuable books is one of the aspects of librarianship’s identity.”
“We may conclude that there is a need to take more consideration of functional plans like suggested packages for reading. Such plans would be implemented by institutes like Iran’s General Libraries Institute,” he added.   
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