Farideh Khalatbari:

“An illustrator is a book’s second author”

Publish Date : Saturday 8 September 2012 - 14:26
Female Iranian author and the director of Shabaviz Publications Farideh Khalatbari believes that every book has two writers one which deals with the words and other who works on pictures. She says that the writer and illustrator influence a book equally.
“An illustrator is a book’s second author”
IBNA: Talking to IBNA about the illustration of children and adolescents’ books, the director of Shabaviz Publications Farideh Khalatbari said: “Several problems exist in the section of children’s illustrations; for instance many illustrators of children and adolescents are professional in the techniques of illustrations but have difficulties in ideas and imaginations; which means that they can easily repeat other works even better than the original one but they fail to create new ideas.”
She added: “Moreover some illustrators fail to consider a book as an integrated work. The context should be regarded as a whole and the pictures should serve the story.” 

Moreover some illustrators don’t know the difference between an illustration and a painting. In illustrations, the illustrations should complete the book and they will remain with the book as well. Thus these two issues should be divided, she added. 

Talking about the solutions, she added: “Nowadays some publications hire artistic directors which is indeed perfect. Shabaviz Publications has employed an artistic director since many years ago which is certainly one of secretes of the center’s success in international festivals. Shabaviz Publications holds weekly sessions with its illustrators and artistic directors.” 

IBNA: Some believe that Shabaviz Publications doesn’t consider regional readers in its illustrations and the books are only prepared for festivals. Is it so? 

The books of Shabaviz Publications have so far bagged several awards from around the world. The festivals of Germany, France, Italy, UK, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Sharjah were among the festivals which awarded the publication’s books during the past year. The festival’s juries change every year and each of them naturally will have different choices thus the success of our books in different festivals cannot be gained without considering the readers. When a book is perfect according to its quality, context, characters and illustrations, every professional person will choose it. 

Farideh Khalatbari, who is the director of Shabaviz Publications as well, has been honored in several international festivals and many of her books have been translated into English, Greek, German, French and Korean so far. 

Shabaviz, one of the leading publishers of children’s books in Iran, has won several awards in international events.
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