From Myth to Religion according to Protestant Priest

Publish Date : Wednesday 15 August 2012 - 17:18
Translator of S G F Brandon's 'Religion in Ancient History' said awareness of the evolution of religious thought or passage from myth to religion is the main achievement of this book.
From Myth to Religion according to Protestant Priest
IBNA: Soudabeh Fazaeli regarded this book as a research-translation that offers a rich text for comparative study of religions and their evolution. The author of this book himself a Christian priest has an open approach to the study of religions and presents his findings to the public, she said. 

One main feature of S G F Brandon's "Religion in Ancient History" according to its translator, is that in spite of his personal beliefs and specialty in Religion Studies he shows no resentment in describing issues such as Devil, soul, God, judgment of the dead and the resurrection as found in different religions and this reveals the nature of his comparative descriptive approach. 

Another interesting passage in "Religion in Ancient History" is where the author introduces the concept of God-King-Death in Ancient Egypt and the character of Akhenaten who advocated monotheism, and added: "This work covers a vast scope from the myth of Gilgamesh from the Mesopotamia to the history of Judaism and Zoroastrianism." 

Fazaeli continued: "Despite the common belief, Jesus Christ was crucified by the Romans rather than by the Jews; the author explains that the tale was invented by Polos, one of Jesus Christ's disciples who had taken refuge in Rome during the invasion of the Romans in order to save his life and find a chance to convert the Romans to Christianity. So he propagated the idea that Jesus was killed by the Jews!" 

She went on to say that an understanding of the concerns of primary Christianity as well as throughout the history of religions such as issues of Devil and angles is given full attention by this Protestant priest. 

She added: "The priest was so good at studying the foundations and similarities of religions that after he was poisoned during a journey in 1971 and passed away, his death was concerned an irretrievable blow to the Society of History of Religions." 

Fazaeli further said that the Persian rendition is a research-translation as besides the translation of the original text to Persian she has also included 200 pages of her personal research on historical names and equivalents. 

The first print of S G F Brandon's "Religion in Ancient History" is published by The University of Religions and Denominations in 751 pages.

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