EBook of Iran-Iraq POWs to be released

Publish Date : Monday 28 May 2012 - 13:10
Caretaker of Payam Azadegan Cultural Institute said they have collected many intriguing memories of Iran-Iraq war prisoners. The memories will be published as ebooks and other references.
EBook of Iran-Iraq POWs to be released
IBNA: In a press conference held on May 26, 2012 to introduce the institute’s programs on the occasion of the anniversary of Hujatoleslam Abutorabifard’s demise, Ali Mohammad Ahadi said that the institute has committed itself to dissemination and preservation of the experiences and values of Sacred Defense captives.

“As the first step, we have collected and profiled memories and experiences of the POWs with the late Abutorabifard on top,” he added. “A book titled as the Charter of Purity and Service themed at Abutorabifard’s messages and statements will be unveiled. The work is compiled by Abdolmajid Rahmanian.”

As he added, the book addresses the supreme leader’s guidelines for war prisoners about the greater and smaller jihad. Purity resembles the smaller jihad and service refers to the greater jihad.

Provided that the book is properly introduced to the society, it will find its place among the people because the ethics discussed by the late Ali Akbar Abutorabifard in the book are today’s need of the society and should be regarded as guidelines for many of our deeds, Ahadi further asserted.

He went on elaborate on other programs of the institute considering the publication of captivity memories and added that they have so far published many memory pieces gathered from oral and written interviews with Sacred Defense POWs. Moreover, there still remain some raw materials from the interviews which will be released in the form of ebooks or library references for those interested in the material.

“Annually, we arrange three to four conferences to amass Sacred Defense POWs according to their detention camps,” said he explaining the way they gather the data. “During the conferences, most of the memories are collected from the participants.”

Two conferences will be held for detainees of Mosul camp in Tabriz and Ramadi Camp in Mazandaran by the institute, he further added. “So far over a thousand memory pieces have been gathered from the detainees which will be published as a book in the future.”

A ceremony will be held in honor of the late Hujatoleslam Ali Akbar Abutorabifard at Andisheh Hall of Howzeh Honari on May 30 in which the Charter of Purity and Service will be unveiled.
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