Shojai Saeen expounds

Book House activities in the year passed

25 Mar 2012 - 12:42

In a specific interview with Iran Book News Agency, Ali Shojai Saeen had an overview of the activities of the Book House Institute in the past year.

IBNA: The Book House Institute made various measures related with books in the past year most of which were done for the first time. 

Elaborating on the activities of the institute in the last year, Ali Shojai Saeen, managing director of Iran Book House said: "Besides routine activities of the center, the year 1390 (2011-12) witnessed a number of the firsts of the Book House, including the launching of National Persian Gulf Biennial held in cooperation with Hormozgan province. Another plan premiered in the past year was awarding praiseworthy winners of the 29th Book of the Season Award within a month after the concluding ceremony." 

Another program started this year was launching provincial Book of the Season festivals. The 19th Book of the Season Award was held in Shiraz – a city other than Tehran, and besides decentralization, it was also an effective step towards connecting national and provincial writers to each other and opening up new panes to the country\'s literature," he added. 

Shojai Saeen also mentioned the expansion of Iran Book News Agency on the final days of 1390 and said: "In late 1390 (March 2012) the Turkish desk of Iran Book News Agency was launched adding the international desks up to four (including Spanish, English, and Arabic as another step towards propagating book information." 

Managing director of Iran Book House also referred to the launching of a new Book House website that is equipped with more features and upgraded facilities. 

Then reacting to IBNA reporter\'s question regarding the upcoming programs of Iran Book House in the new solar year, he said: "We will have Parvin Etesami\'s Biennial Award next February. We also plan to make effective changes in the administration of the 30th Book of the Year Award, including an exhibition of all superior books of the last 29 editions."

Shojai Saeen stressed that holding a number of foreign book exhibitions are in the agenda of Iran Book House. 

Iran Book House is a non-governmental and nonprofit institute meant for the promotion of information in the field of recent publications and related activities in Iran that was first launched in 1993.

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