Historical figures shouldn’t turn into legends

Publish Date : Monday 2 January 2012 - 16:16
Talking about history novels, researcher of Iran's history Mansoureh Mir-fatah said:" The novel's historical figures shouldn’t turn into legends and myths, although Iran enjoys folklores and it is famed as the land of legends but historical figures shouldn’t turn into legends and myths.
Historical figures shouldn’t turn into legends
IBNA: Talking about history novels, Mansoureh Mir-fatah told IBNA that during the previous year while I was researching for my book "Women in Iran", I had to go through some history books either research ones or novels.

She added:" During my studies and research I learned that several books were released about ancient Iranian women particularly women who lived during the Achaemenid era which encompassed imaginary pictures and hyperbole. For instance history novels hold many exaggerations about Pantea, a woman who lived during Cyrus while she had precious thoughts which could flourish throughout the history."

She went on to say that most of the written novels are far from reality and history. In Iran the characters are usually planned first, then the rest is based according to the author's creativity, however it can hold false details if the matter isn’t considered professionally.

Moreover she talked about Artemisia, who in the 5th century BC ruled as the overlords of Ionia, saying the novels hold many supernatural issues about her and instead of introducing the historical character, she has been changed into a legend which is far of historical facts. The matter can indeed damage the history of ancient Iran.

Mir-fatah added:" In history novels the historical characters should be considered more professionally; since writing some sort of things could damage the history of Iran."

The history researcher added: "Sometimes novelists tend to evaluate the hidden parts of history; however they present it as legends and myths instead of building novels through novels. Every land in fact is proud of their legends and folklore but Iran's culture is so rich that it shouldn’t be damaged through making legends."

We should be proud of rich culture and history and seek its realities, if historical facts are changed into myths they will certainly be destroyed, she said.

Usually history novels aren’t analyzed. The authors can present symbolic analyses but unfortunately the novels are not analyzed or if so it isn’t done completely, she argued.

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