By Sadegh Rashidi

Methods of historiography in Islamic art compiled

Publish Date : Monday 27 June 2011 - 14:29
Iranian researcher and university professor, Sadegh Rashidi has compiled "Methods of historiography in Islamic art". According to him the book is the first research work which seriously criticizes and studies the methods of Islamic art historiography.
By Pegah Hajian
By Pegah Hajian
IBNA: Rashidi told IBNA that the book evaluates and studies the methods of historiography in the Islamic art. Firstly the book presented the historiography methods as 3 styles; descriptive, analytical and historical and then discusses the methods in the Islamic art.

He underlined:" In fact the book holds a main question; what were the ups and downs of the Islamic art historiography, which was firstly presented by western historians and what kind of gaps and deficiencies existed in the process."

He added:" I believe that knowing the Islamic art and its historiography requires knowing the Islamic culture and civilization. Thus due to the ignorance some western historians have studies the Islamic art with a positivism approach, on the other hand the book somehow evaluates the history of Islamic art historiography."

He stated that the subject of course about the world art historiography was accomplished by a foreign researcher but about the Islamic art the book is the first research work which seriously assesses the historiography methods of Islamic art.

Rashidi added:" One main point exists; "Why the western historians have ignored the Islamic art in the world art historiography?" and the matter has been shortened in few pages while arts of Far East countries including China, India and Japan can be discussed in details, thus accomplishing such a research as a book is a scientific necessity."

He explained:" I order to write the book I almost read all the works which were penned on the history of Islamic art; including books which were authored in Persian and works which haven’t been translated yet."

He said that the book has been written in line with achieving new methods of Islamic art historiography which can be called culture oriented historiography.

Works of historians including "Oleg ‎Grabar", "Richard ‎Ettinghausen", "Sheila ‎Blair", "Jonathan ‎Bloom", "Arthur Pope", "Talbot Rice" have been included as well.

The book's publishers hast been chosen yet.
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