IBHI officially invites Western orientalists to Iran

Publish Date : Wednesday 25 October 2017 - 21:43
IBNA– CEO of Iran’s Book House Institute (IBHI) Majid Gholami Jaliseh said that the West’s orientalists are officially invited to our country to exchange their views with the Iranian scholars.
Majid Gholami Jaliseh
In an interview with IBNA correspondent, Jaliseh evaluated the achievements of attending Thousand Years of Shiite Studies Conference which was held in Berlin productive.
“Due to the efforts of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Cultural Attaché to Germany, a very strong and powerful gathering was convened at the conference who will raise their issues in the form of articles, in two days.” he said.
Jaliseh considered the occasion for shared dialogue around Shiite Studies and the views of the orientalists and Iranian researchers, as well as other countries including those in the Middle East, as the first significant event of the conference.
“Knowledge of Iranian scholars about the views works, and theories of European, American and Japanese orientalists was among the other noticeable issues of this conference. In addition, the relations between the domestic and foreign scholars of Shi’ism strengthened,” he added:
Pointing to the World Book of the Year Award granted to the German Islamic scholars and Iranologists, CEO of Iran’s Book House Institute said: “In addition to this conference, the Book House Institute hosted the 24th Book of the Year World Award and granted awards to three German Iranologists and Islamic Scholars, Gerhard Böwering,  the Professor of Islamic Studies at Yale University, Professor Joseph von Hass and Professor Wolfram Kleiss, who had significant activities in the fields of Iranology and Islamic Studies but failed to attend the event.”
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