Witches, princes stories found new life at Frankfurt Fair

Publish Date : Sunday 26 July 2015 - 23:59
IBNA- The Iranian author Massoumeh Ramhormozi described the fifth day of the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2014 and said in the exhibition area princes, princesses and witches of the stories found new life and presented themselves.
According to IBNA correspondent, Massoumeh Ramhormozi the writer of books on Sacred Defense such as ‘Last Sunday’ has penned her memoires and observations of this five day trip on paper. She has a new approach to this cultural phenomenon and encourages the readers to follow the presence of Iran at Frankfurt Book Fair in a non-repetitive and stereotyped manner
“From the window, I see strange-looking young people in groups heading towards the book fair. Young boys and girls walking along the tram line on the street. Trams are so crowded that I have to force myself in,” she says.
“It is likely that I have to stand motionless like a statue in the same place until we get to the Fair. I jump out before the rest, the moment we get to the Fair and breathe a sigh of relief. Others haven’t yet got off!” Ramhormozi adds.
She notes that they gave a new life to the saga books and inspired the youth who had made themselves look like the heroes of the classical stories.
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