28-volume set of ‘Braunwald 2015’ released

Publish Date : Monday 6 July 2015 - 23:32
IBNA- A faculty member of Isfahan University gave details about the translation and publication of the 28-volume set ‘Braunwald 2015’on heart diseases.
In an interview with IBNA correspondent, Doctor Davoud Shafi’ei, a Fellowship in Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology, and a faculty member of Isfahan University, talked about the publication of his new book and said: “I have finished the translation of the newest version of Braunwald 2015 set, a reference book in the field of heart diseases, which has been published by ‘Nasayeh’ Publications
He pointed to the time taken for the translation of this book: “The abridgement and translation of this book took 9 months. Some parts were translated by my colleagues, but I was responsible for the final editing. The book is presented in a 28-volume series to the readers. Each volume is 60 to 80 pages.”
About the abridgement of the book, Shafi’ei further explained: “The main reason for this was to make it easier for the students to read it. The original version of ‘Braunwald 2015’ is 1,700 pages. Abridgement lowered the volume to less than 1,000 pages. Translating the original version is equivalent to 2,000 pages in Persian.”
Translator of the book ‘Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular 2012’ talked about the ways to prevent damage to the content of the work in abridging and said that he had earlier translated two editions of 2008 and 2011 and knew how to convey the outcome of an article in one sentence instead of a few paragraphs.”
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