Interviews published in ‘Paris Review’ all informative: Dersahakian

Publish Date : Sunday 14 June 2015 - 23:45
IBNA- Translator of the book ‘Conversations with Writers’ into Persian, Vazrik Dersahakian said that the book is a summary of some interviews in the prestigious ‘Paris Review’ journal presented by prominent writers and poets.
Vazrik Dersahakian
In an interview with IBNA, Dersahakian said: “The book ‘Conversations with Writers’ is a selection of a few interviews in the quarterly ‘Paris Review’ held with notable writers and poets. This prestigious English language journal is published in New York and covers at least two interviews in each issue with prominent American and European writers, and at times with those from other countries as well.”
“These are all very interesting and informative to the Iranian audience, and I’ve tried, of course, to select and translate the talks of writers with whom the Iranian audience is familiar, no matter how little,” he stated.
He continued that the translation of the articles and conversations in this book has taken some 25 years. Some of these translations have gradually been published in various periodicals inside and outside the country. The reason for choosing these talks was my own interest in cultural and literary topics. Some talks I have translated are also due to my personal interest in the authors.
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