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Book of Resistance 2011

Select works of 2nd Resistance Short Story Festival
Publish Date : Monday 13 August 2012 - 14:38
Reading a page of a book out of thousands and millions of pages is, for us, like looking through a window on brighter side of the world that is constantly calling us, tempting us to set on a journey with the frigate of a book for more and more adventures...
Book of Resistance 2011
Guilt of the Innocent 

He had stepped on a mine and did not know what to do.
This was the first time he had trodden on a mine! So inexperienced he was! 

Even his best friend Mehdi, who was standing by his side and often took a load of pride in his knowledge and education, did not know what he could do to free him. 

Cold sweat ran all over his skin. He was thinking to himself what a bad deed had deserved him for such a big punishment. He had never broken one's heart, never swindles or done harm to others, and did not remember if he ever teased someone much – even his parents. 

He had never dreamt of money or kingly power.
His only guilt was his childhood, and being a child he had run after a little patchwork ball that had by chance landed by an upswept mine.

Book of Resistance 90 | Page 38
Publisher:   Safire Ardehal & Hezareh Qoqnoos
Release Date:  First print – 2012 
Genre:    Fiction
Category:  Holy Defense Literature
64 pages
Story Code: 145307