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Flash Fiction

Publish Date : Tuesday 22 May 2012 - 14:45
Reading a page of a book out of thousands and millions of pages is, for us, like looking through a window on brighter side of the world that is constantly calling us, tempting us to set on a journey with the frigate of a book for more and more adventures...
Flash Fiction
Mom  Is  Lonesome
By Afsaneh Ahmadi 

I was the first to go to war fronts, and my brother came after me. Neither of us ever returned. We are now resting in a corner in heavens. Now there is only Mom and my little sister. Dad has joined us here for years… 

Every morning Mom takes her cart out wandering in the streets for a shop selling Sangak bread. That’s the doctors’ advice: "She should only have Sangak." 

My sister goes to work every day and stays there till night. Sometimes when she is waiting for the bus on the street she gets followed by hooting cars. That’s why my brother wishes that one of us had stayed there. “The house needs a man,” he says. 

“Those days the city was full of men. It did not make a difference whether to stay or to leave,” I reply. 

Mom’s hair has turned white and glitters in the night just like light, like her prayer rug. Mom has stretched her hands toward heavens. She’s crying. She’s worried. She’s worried about my sister when she’s late. Mom is looking for a man just like we do. 

“Wish one of us had stayed,” says my brother. 

I sit by her side, by the rug. I smell her tears. She’s so lonesome tonight. Now it’s my turn to enter her dream. Last night my brother did. 

Flash Fiction: an introduction to short story types / Page 66

Author:             Mohammad-Javad Jazini (1965 - )
Publisher:         Hezareh Qoqnoos Publications
Release Date:   First print, January 2012
IR-SBN:            978-600-5657-76-0 
Language:        Persian
Genre:              Nonfiction
Category:         Literary Criticism
Description:     Generic study of 'short story' and its varieties with examples of each
                       80 pages 

Story Code: 135858